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Are Travel Sized Options for Cosmetics Important?

Since my father taught me how to pack my bags for travel when I was a young girl, two things always come to mind when I pull my empty luggage out of the closet. Be practical and be efficient. No matter how much I might want to, I don’t need to take all of my black pumps or 10 pairs of jeans. I will admit though that all my full-size lotions and potions take up way too much space, so I was overjoyed to learn that some of my MAC favorites are now available in Travel sizes.

The cute little mini Lip Glass and Oil Control Lotion are truly the perfect sizes for luggage or purse. This is not a new concept for the beauty industry, though it doesn’t seem to be a priority for the majority of companies to create smaller versions of their top products. But it is something more companies are taking seriously. In fact, Stowaway Cosmetics is all about being portable, and Sephora has a fairly robust travel sized category.

If you have a cosmetics company, do you offer products in travel size? If you are a consumer or a makeup artist, do you care about travel sized options? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Pat McGrath – Artist, Entrepreneur and Parton Saint

To say the name of Pat McGrath is to evoke all that is alluring and creative about makeup. Professionally, McGrath is the top makeup artist in the world. To her legion of loyal fans of all ages, cultures, and genders, she is their patron saint.

Since releasing her fledgling product line perfectly named Pat McGrath Labs in 2015, and promptly crashing the Sephora site, her star shines brightly. About as bright as her iridescent metallic packaging stuffed to the gills with sequins. But one could expect no less from a genius on setting a tone. While that tone is often bold and extraordinary, in a recent New York Magazine profile McGrath explained why she felt the need not to play it safe:

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