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Celebrating the Older Woman and Giving Her A Voice

“Your 40s are good.  Your 50s are great.  Your 60s are fab.  And 70 is f*@king awesome!”  ~Helen Mirren


As the team behind the Lifestyle Beauty Network, we’ve been gathering frequently to discuss the future of the LBN. One point that came up recently was our experience and confidence as mature adults, and as we were talking about it, we had a collective epiphany.


“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”~Coco Chanel


We are a culture that often has a very narrow view of beauty and lifestyles. There are common ideas of what people should look like, have and do at various stages in their life. We want to leave those outdated idea’s in the dust and honor the aging process by highlighting products, services, and individuals that help the seasoned woman have the life they want and deserve.


“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”~Mark Twain


So we are on a new mission. That mission is to celebrate the older woman and to amplify her voice.

Change is Good
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Change is Good – The Return of the LBN

After an exciting first year where we connected with many wonderful people, we took time off to think about what we wanted to do with the LBN in 2017. Often when you have an initial idea, it changes into what it was meant to be further down the road. So the evolution of the LBN being mapped out by our devoted team is refreshing and welcomed.

While we’re putting the finishing touches on our new direction, please feel free to watch some of our LeMetric videos below to learn more about us and stay tuned.





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Andrew Hamilton Crawford, Jewelry for the Modern Woman

His creations are playful, innovative and timeless. A fascination with small details in everyday life is what inspires the designs Chad Crawford uses in his signature fashion jewelry line Andrew Hamilton Crawford.  He brings to life the sort of pieces you covet and only lend to your best friend with fair warning. That statement necklace that makes you feel powerful and perfect when you wear it. Everyone needs something like that in their jewelry box, don’t they?

Andrew Hamilton Crawford, Jewelry for the Modern Woman | LBN
It is no wonder that a wide array of individuals enjoy Andrew Hamilton Crawford the way they do. The collection has gained a loyal fan following by the likes of Serena Williams, Paris Hilton, Rachel Ray, Deborah Harry, Beyoncé, Paula Abdul, Fergie, and Christian Louboutin. The collection has also been featured in national and international publications including O Magazine, Modern Bride, Lucky, Real Simple, Town & Country and The New York Post.

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The Bollman Hat Company – American Made Matters

The Bollman Hat Company was founded in 1868 and is America’s oldest hat maker. They design, manufacture and distribute men’s, women’s and children’s headwear, and the brands they operate include Bailey, Betmar, Borsalino, Country Gentleman, Eddy Bros., Helen Kaminsky, Jacaru, Kangol, Karen Kane and Pantropic. They also manufacture private label products for global retailers and brands.Continue reading

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10 Tips For Transitioning Into Fall

This is the time of year that the weather seems to have a multiple personality disorder. First, it’s gorgeous out, then we’re preparing for a major storm, then it’s sweltering. If you don’t check the weather on a daily basis, you can be uncomfortable and frustrated because you dressed inappropriately for the day. You can still wear your summer basics by adding a few styling tricks to layer and add a little warmth to your look.

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The Lifestyle Beauty Network  Vists NY NOW 2016

Elline and I walked The NY NOW show, which takes place over five days in New York City, every January/February and August. There are over 2200 exhibitors displaying their various products, where they have both local and global artisans, as well as mass manufacturers. You will find everything from Lifestyle, Gifts and Home Décor categories. The NY NOW has over 25,000 buyers and non-buying attendees.  We saw exhibitors for three complete days and still didn’t see everything the show had to offer. Buyers can easily take the full 4-5 days to walk the entire show and create their orders directly with the exhibitors.

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