Remember when e-commerce first came along? Some business owners were on-board right way and got down in the trenches to work out the kinks. Others were cautious and took their time dipping their toe into the online sales pool. Today, there are companies who are strictly online based and don’t need a brick and mortar to survive. But the savvy business owner is the one that understands how best to combine the best qualities of online and in-person sales in order to create a robust and seamless retail experience.

Let’s take Saks Fifth Avenue and as an example. Visitors to their site can chat with an in-store sales person to ask questions. After selecting their items online, the shopper can then make an appointment to meet with that sales person to continue shopping. Afterward, they can communicate with the sales person online again if need be.

In other stores, one can have the experience of actually trying items on, and later have those items mailed to them fresh from the warehouse just like if they bought it online.  For the consumer, this helps them to avoid fit issues and any other unexpected elements. For the business owner, this means a lower rent because they won’t need a vast space to house in-store inventory.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to strategize on being more innovative by merging online and in-person sales for a more authentic and seamless experience for your customers.

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