In case you haven’t heard, it’s been officially announced that Victoria Beckham and Target are joining forces. This coming Spring, all Target locations will carry Beckham’s new collection that will range in price from $6 to $200. The line will consist of apparel and accessories for women, as well choice pieces for babies and toddlers marking this the designer’s first foray into fashion for the little ones.  This is exciting for both brands. Beckham has worked hard to carve out her niche in high fashion, and Target is known for keeping it edgy and affordable by bringing in talent happy to produce full lines for the masses. Seems win/win to me.

This collaboration is a perfect example of an exciting experience that consumers love. Taking the brand and doing something fresh with it enhances the buying experience for current followers as well as exposures it to a broader audience. It’s like the infamous MAC cosmetics collaborations. From celebrities to TV shows and even comic book characters. Practically every season they work to create something that riles up their loyal customers, catches the eye of new ones, gets them tons of press and increases their bottom line.

These brands are solid proof that collaborative innovations can be successful, and the payoff can be well very worth the effort.


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