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One of the remarkable things about being a business owner is watching your business grow. This creation that you nurture with so much time and effort rewards you by evolving into a unique entity that you can claim as your own. Taking on this responsibility and watching it flourish is a magnificent accomplishment.

For Elline and Marvin, the founders of the Lifestyle Beauty Network and the owners of the LeMetric Hair Studio in New York City, one of the most significant milestones in their history as business owners occurred when they partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue. They embarked on a tour to 6 of the retailer’s top locations for an event called “A Day of Reinvention.” As an exclusive beauty experience, it included one-on-one consultations with industry professionals, full hair and cosmetic makeovers, speakers, and a Q+A session. The partnership was a huge success, and the turnout exceeded expectations.

It was magical in how these two businesses were able to come together to create something new and exciting for all. As experts in the arena of high-end wigs, weaves, and extensions, partnering with Saks gave LeMertic an entirely new level of exposure. In return, Saks was able to offer their clients a highly specialized one-time shopping experience.

A very special alchemy takes place when businesses join forces to create something they could not do on their own. It can be a galvanizing and game-changing.

For Elline and Marvin, working with Saks was a pivotal point in their time as business owners, and since then they’ve maintained numerous partnerships. This is the genesis of the Lifestyle Beauty Network. One of the pillars that we’ve built the LBN on is to help companies within our network to take advantage of these magical moments with their industry peers.

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