Elline and I walked The NY NOW show, which takes place over five days in New York City, every January/February and August. There are over 2200 exhibitors displaying their various products, where they have both local and global artisans, as well as mass manufacturers. You will find everything from Lifestyle, Gifts and Home Décor categories. The NY NOW has over 25,000 buyers and non-buying attendees.  We saw exhibitors for three complete days and still didn’t see everything the show had to offer. Buyers can easily take the full 4-5 days to walk the entire show and create their orders directly with the exhibitors.

As we are launching the Lifestyle Beauty Network for the fall/holiday season, we wanted to see the exhibitors and build relationships with the designers, as well as be able to identify the strong trends for the upcoming season. This show was both amazing and overwhelming, but well worth the effort to meet all the incredibly talented designers and artisans. While we met well over 200 amazing entrepreneurs and designers, a few stood out in my mind as the brands I’d want to align with, as we look to curate our favorite brands with the most unique, interesting and commercial collections.

Laurent Guillot transforms transparent materials into very dramatic pieces of wearable art. Lucite is his universe; shape, volume and light are his preferred elements.


Gypsy calls to fine jewelry collectors and art-lovers alike. The collection is handcrafted in Istanbul by skilled artisans using centuries-old techniques. The painstaking process and attention to detail render each piece an extraordinary work of art.


Neo uses Neoprene yarn, which is very light, velvety, flexible, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Products made with the yarn feel soft and silky, in complete contrast with its robust appearance and intense colors.


Learn more about the NY NOW Tradeshow in the video below.

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